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With Tom Brady revealed as Madden NFL 18's cover athlete and a release date of August 25,best place to buy fifa 18 coins 2017 confirmed, excitement is building over what the next edition of digital gridiron will deliver.Here we've listed ideas and features we think would go a long way to making Madden NFL 18 the best release in the series to date. Perhaps more crucially, it could also help to instil the same kind of drama and glamour that the actual NFL is so skilled at providing. Improved visuals and physics Madden NFL 18 will be the first release in the franchise's history to use the Frostbite engine, a foundation for game creation from the Battlefield team at EA DICE. It was used for the first time in a sports game last year in FIFA 17, and it'll be interesting to see what it adds to Madden NFL 18 in terms of visual fidelity and general quality of animation.Frostbite should also result in far superior physics between players and the ball. Too often in Madden NFL 17, you'd witness awkward bending of limbs or players becoming glued to those around them when trying to force their way past a pack of linemen. Wiping out such instances would go a long way to increasing the sense of realism. Online team play Online team play has not been seen since Madden NFL 14, and it allowed groups of up to three players to take control of a team and face off against another three online. Admittedly, matches were often defined more by the level of chaos they contained than any overwhelmingly skilful play, but they were fun and a distraction from the seriousness elsewhere.Whilst nothing is confirmed about OTP yet, core details released by EA Sports show that Madden NFL 18 features support for up to six players online. Fingers crossed that this means the return of multiplayer carnage. Article Tag: FIFA 18, FIFA 18 Coins, FUT 18 Coins Article From:
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