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Polyester FDY is mainly accessible in 3 lustre - Semi-dull (SD), Ablaze (BR) accepting annular area & Trilobal Ablaze (TBR) accepting triangular cross-sections. Cilia yarn accepting trilobal ablaze lustre is broadly acclimated in authoritative curtains, bed-sheets and carpets. FDY is accessible in Raw-white as able-bodied blockhead dyed.

Blockhead Absolute FDY yarn can be acclimated to accomplish the black bolt anon instead of authoritative the bolt with FDY Raw-white aboriginal & afresh dyeing it. Catonic FDY is accession aberration of Cilia yarn. Catonic FDY yarn is fabricated from Catonic PET Chips.

Polyester DTY yarn can aswell be acquired in assorted colors by the blockhead absolute technology or by accustomed dyeing. Blockhead absolute DTY is usually arranged on cardboard bobbins admitting Raw White DTY which is acclimated for dyeing is about arranged on perforated bogus tube so that all the yarn can be calmly absolute if the ball is biconcave in color. DTY yarn can be in Semi Addled or Ablaze or Trilobal Ablaze depending aloft the blazon of sections of filaments.

Fully Fatigued Yarn (FDY) is produced by a action similiar to POY accomplishment except that the yarn is produced at college spinning speeds accompanying with average cartoon chip in the action itself. This allows stabilisation through acclimatization and crystallization.

FDY is mainly acclimated as character or weaves in authoritative fabrics. FDY can be knitted or alloyed with any more cilia yarn to get bolt of assorted altered varieties. It is mainly acclimated in Home Capacity Fabrics, Actualization Fabrics, Denim, Terry Towel and others.

Technology acclimated for assembly of Top Aggregate Polyester Yarn

Polyester Texturised Yarn is produced on accelerated draw texturising machines with identical capability.

Electronic package-size barometer units should be acclimated to ensure compatible texturised yarn package. Polyester FDY -

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