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Prostatitis Treatment  abscess is a rare but relatively serious infectious disease; its association with spontaneous rupture is extremely unusual

We present a case of peritonitis secondary to a rupture of prostatic abscess in a 87-year-old man. Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome The diagnosis was made on computed tomography. Emergency laparotomy, transrectal ultrasonography guided aspiration of the residual abscess and antibiotics permitted a full recovery Chronic Prostatitis .

Delay in diagnosis of prostatic abscess can have grave sequelae, including spontaneous rupture into the urethra, perineum, bladder or rectum and the development of septic shock. Only one case of spontaneous rupture into the peritoneal cavity has been reported in the literature.

This case highlights the importance of early diagnosis of prostatic abscess and close monitoring of patients, with diabetes or immunosuppression, treated for acute prostatitis BPH .

By . Prostatitis

Prostatitis Symptoms :

Blood in the semen
Blood in the Urine
Burning While Urinating
Difficulty Urinating
Pain While Urinating
Frequent Urination
Painful ejaculation

Prostatitis Treatment
Chronic Prostatitis
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